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Water is utilized for heat transfer because of its unique structure, high heat capacity, surface tension, adhesion properties, low viscosity, and phase characteristics. All of these offer a significant advantage in the ability to increase efficiency and limit utility usage. The main disadvantage, though, for water is that it is a great solvent and is able to dissolve any substance it comes in contact with. It will readily corrode metals and other compounds it interacts with. This ability to dissolve makes the quality and chemistry of water different across the world. These differences can impact how water performs in heat transfer systems with varying results. (Scale, Corrosion, Microbiological Growth, Fouling, etc.)
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About Cyrus Rice

Cyrus Rice Water Consultants (CRC) traces its history to the original Cyrus William Rice Company founded in 1916 that was renamed Cyrus Rice Consulting Group in 1988, and then became Cyrus Rice Water Consultants, Inc.

The present company offers the same expertise and years of experience to its clients. Most of our Senior and Executive Consultants have at least 25 or more years of experience in solving water-related issues. The consultants also keep abreast of the latest technologies and solve both routine and non-routine problems.

CRC also has a full service laboratory to support its consultants and to aid them in the conclusions and recommendations they make to the clients. The laboratory's capabilities include:
  • Metallurgical Testing and Failure Analysis
  • Standard Water Analysis
  • Resin Analysis
  • Fuel oil analysis
  • Microbiological Analysis
  • Product Toxicological Studies
  • Special Operations and Pilot Scale Analysis