Energy Savings

The purpose of a good water treatment program is to provide cleaner heat transfer surfaces and thus decrease energy consumption. A water treatment program must be designed to match many variables such as:

  • Type of Equipment
  • Metallurgy
  • Water Source and Quality
  • Discharge Limitations
  • Operational Parameters
  • Water Reuse

A properly designed program does not just contain chemicals or pretreatment equipment but takes into account all technologies. If designed properly, it can lead to significant savings.

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How can a Consultant help my facility?

  • Utility costs are putting a demand on us to review and change how we operate - a CRC consultant can review your processes and determine if changes should be made to maximize utility savings.
  • New Technologies are making claims but the real question should be - Is this technology right for my facility? Will it really provide the cost benefits and return on investment claimed? A CRC consultant can provide you with an unbiased opinion on these new technologies and their advantages and disadvantages and determine a real ROI.
  • Regulatory changes and Green Initiatives are forcing less and less chemical usage and more conservation of our natural resources. A CRC consultant can help provide initiatives to reduce your facility's carbon footprint while meeting all regulatory requirements.
  • Systems often experience failures, upsets, and other conditions that impact production or result in time off-line. A CRC consultant can review these issues and help you develop a plan to correct them and save your capital or operation dollars through the use of metallurgical testing.
  • Economic and budget constraints are impacting the ability to review how facilities utilize maintenance budgets and whether water treatment expenses are producing results as promised. A CRC consultant can conduct an audit to determine if you are indeed getting value for the dollars being spent and can even write performance specifications that get you what you need for dollars spent.