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Water Quality Consulting Capabilities

  1. Review existing plant chemical
    • Make-Up Water Systems
    • Open Recirculating or Cooling Tower Systems
    • Closed Cooling Water Systems
    • Combustion Air Heating Systems
    • Space Heating Systems
    • Demineralizer Operation
    • Condensate and Feedwater Systems and Chemical Limits
    • Laboratory Procedures, Analytical Methods, and Sampling
    • Laboratory Instrumentation
    • In-Plant Chemical Instrumentation Including Operation and Maintenance
    • Water and Steam Sampling Equipment
    • Water Treatment Chemicals
    • Flue Gas Desulfurization Systems
    • Laboratory Quality Assurance
    • Potable Water Systems
    • NPDE Systems

  2. On request, provide our clients with consulting services on matters such as:
    • Material Selection and Specification
    • Training
    • Problem Solving and Other Items as Needed
    • Process Design
    • System and Equipment Retrofit
    • Specification Development – Bid Evaluations

  3. Plant visits can be arranged through corporate personnel or with the plant sites directly, per client's preference. The consultant will review plant chemical control data and system outlines prior to the visits.

  4. A written summary report pertaining to recommendations or actions needing immediate attention will be left at the site the day of the visit. A more detailed written report on each visit will include observations, improvements, and a complete list of recommendations on all chemical systems listed in Paragraph 1 (previous page). This report will be due two weeks after the visits and will be sent to the appropriate site personnel and whomever else would be specified.

  5. At the end of each visit, an exit meeting will be held with the appropriate plant personnel. At the exit meeting, the consultant will provide a hand-written copy of recommendations/findings to attendees for review during the meeting.

  6. In the case of a corporate service request, an initial meeting will be held with them prior to any plant site visits unless determined to be inappropriate by them or site personnel. Prior to this meeting, the client will provide the consultant with background information on each plant.

  7. The Cyrus Rice Water Consultants is capable of performing many additional services not specifically outlined above, and will review these upon request.

Cyrus Rice Water Consultants will provide qualified personnel and will submit resumes for review and approval by the client's technical staff.

Additional Services
Additional services will be cleared through the designated client personnel before any services and charges are made.

The period of any Agreement shall be for a designated time period; shall be for completion of a designated project within an agreed-upon time period; or shall continue until cancelled by either party by giving thirty (30) days written notice. Modification of terms may be made by mutual agreement.

Pricing shall be on fixed price basis for review of background information, report preparation, and plant visitations unless different terms are agreed to by both parties.

Questions may be directed to John J. Farmerie, Vice President.